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interested in joining guild

Hi I am a lvl 80 tank warrior and would like to joing guild. If you have any ?'s plz messege me in game, on my warrior, colkillaa

1. Character Name: Colkillaa

2. Class and Spec: Warrior-Prot (will have 2nd spec of arms when that opetion comes out)

3. Reason for wanting to join: wanting to raid

4. Reason for leaving previous guilds: said some things over the holidays when i was drinking that upset them

5. Age: 27

6. Availabilty - Please put the hours you are available to raid (Server Time)
    Monday: evenings
    Tuesday: evenings
    Wednesday: evenings
    Thursday: evenings
    Friday: evenings
    Saturday: evenings
    Sunday: evenings

7. Willing to respec if it will help the raid? yes

8. Have and be able to use vent: yes

9. Willing to use all other required addons: yes

10. Anything else you want to add: not at the moment