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Why are some people so obsessed with loot?  I don't get it.  I remember the days when loot was given first to the tanks and healers, and then to the people who needed it most so that raids could get cleared faster.

So much for that.  Now people want loot over killing a boss, and giving loot to other people for the betterment of the guild is gone.  WTF happened?  Take me for example, I raid with what I have and have passed on two tokens.  Why?  Those people needed it more than me.  I look at my class and realize that I am not ever going to be able to do as much damage as a dk/ret paly and think they need the loot first.  I can't heal so shaman healers need those tokens more then me.  But I look around and hear so much "me, me, me!"  

It's an mmo.   You are part of a team.  Please act like it.  If you aren't topping the meters I can guarantee that it isn't your gear; it's your latency, skill, nerfed spec/class (hunters, druids,warriors) or lack of knowledge of the class you play.

Go to WOL and see what classes are dominating and if you are that class, you should be winning meters.  If you aren't well, you probably are dealing with one or more of the above.

Think ahead please.  Ultra, spine and madness are going to be brutal for healers and tanks.  Them having gear keeps you alive and makes kills possible.  Have fun in all your shiny dps gear lying on the floor in wipes because our tanks and healers don't have their four set.  We are going to be doing this raid for months so why don't we gear the people that make killing more bosses possible?  The more bosses down, the more gear for everyone.

Also, please, ask me for help if your dps is low or go to elitist jerks or download and use simulators.  Stop thinking that it's gear holding you back;  It's you.
In real life I rp a warrior priest.  Come get some!