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Holy Paladin

1. Character Name: Aliandiene -- "Ali"

2. Class and Spec: Paladin, Holy

3. Reason for wanting to join:I would like to do some raiding.

4. Reason for leaving previous guilds: I am currently in a guild that my wife and I run but it is small and very informal and not ready for raiding.

5. Age: 45

6. Availabilty - Please put the hours you are available to raid (Server Time)
    Monday: 6:30 -- 11:30
    Tuesday: 6:30 -- 11:30
    Wednesday: 6:30 -- 11:30
    Thursday: 6:30 -- 11:30
    Friday: 6:30 -- 11:30
    Saturday: about anytime
    Sunday: afternoons, after 1pm server

7. Willing to respec if it will help the raid? Willing to do whatever is necessary to help move through the raid. I used to be Protection spec but there seemed to be a need for healers so I respecced.

8. Have and be able to use vent: Have my own vert that I use for 5 mans and visiting with friends.

9. Willing to use all other required addons: I have several on already so not a problem.

10. Anything else you want to add:

I have only been holy about two weeks so still learing the new skills but I think I do ok. I use Be.Imba as a reference and my gear score there on holy is 308 I still have my tanking gear that I was able to get a gear score of 296 before I respecced.

I like the idea of having specific raiding nights. I am available M through W for the raids.

I have been working towards getting better gear. I have been running as many of my own five mans as possible to get myself and my friends better gear. I am geared ok for Heroics, I am lacking on experience in five mans and gear for anything higher.

I am about to retire after 27 years in the military. I am used to working as a team and working towards a common goal. I have been a grunt as well as a leader and am willing to do either. Like one of the other poster's here I like the idea of being a grunt because of less headaches.
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Re: Holy Paladin

Your app sounds very good.  And the fact that you can raid when we do is very promising :)

We don't like to break up friends or groups, so if any of the people you enjoy playing with in your guild would like to app as well, please have them do so.. even if they can't raid, we can set up a "friends and family" ranking within the guild for those that are there for the social aspect and to do 5 mans and pvp and what not.

Will talk to you in game when i see you next.

Thanks for the app